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飯村隆彦 特集

Filmmaker in Focus - Takahiko Iimura

Artist Talk
3/20 (Sat.) 14:00  3 films 76 min
​※ Artist Talkは、『Talking My DVDs With Excerpts-11 titles』(2010年) より抜粋です。

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​※ Artist Talk: Clips from Talking My DVDs With Excerpts-11 titles  (2010) 
Cine Dance: The Butoh of Tatsumi Hijikata 

31 min / 1963-2007

あんま Anma (The Masseur)
バラ色ダンス Rose Color Dance

20 min 

11 min


Iimura documented performances by the Butoh artists Tatsumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. Iimura himself stood on the stage with his camera and Butoh was realised as “Cine Dance”, a choreography involving a camera.



Fluxus Replayed

30 min / 1991


Documentation of a performance by Fluxus, one that shocked not only the art world but also society with its radical actions, such as Nam June Paik’s destruction of a violin and Yoko Ono's concert for the bandaging of the band members.

Program B ジョン・ケージ後送写真0212.png
John Cage Performs James Joyce

15 min / 1985


A recording of John Cage's vocal performance for Takahiko Iimura's single video camera. Combining Joyce's Writing For The Fifth Time Through Finnegans Wake with the serendipity of the I Ching, he <reads>, <sings> and <whispers> the sentences of artificial words.



Takahiko Iimura

Iimura began making 8mm and 16mm films in the 60s. He formed the experimental film collective “Film Independants” in 1964. He had solo exhibitions at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris in 1974: the Museum of Modern Art, New York in 1974: the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1979. He received A Special Achievement Award at Japan Media Arts festival in 2015. He has had international showings of his film and video works and performances.

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