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磯部真也 特集

Filmmaker in Focus - Shinya Isobe

3/20 (Sat.) 17:00-  4 films 47 min
Artist Talk

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6 min / 2010


The film centers on a woman and her room. I tried to visualise the memories and the time accumulated in the room. The dancing figure that was captured using long exposures is an entity between the existential and imaginary.


15 min / 2011


Matsuo Mine is a large abandoned complex in Hachimantai city, Iwate prefecture. I felt it possesses two conflicting natures- those of impermanence and eternity. Instead of the concrete “past” I tried to look for abstract “memories” through the viewfinder and resurrect them as a narrative.

For rest2.JPG
For rest

16 min / 2017


The film captures the dishes on a table in a forest over a long period of time. The audience’s imagination is stimulated as time passes and the scenery. An eloquent story is told as meaning emerges from the subject. A drama is born out of the contrast between- and the death of- man and nature.


10 min / 2020


I filmed sunsets with the techniques of time-lapse and multiple exposures on 16mm film from the same position and angle for 5 years. While the days repeat, there is never the same sky. Time that has passed will not return. But, the sun will rise again.



Shinya Isobe

Born in 1982, Yokohama city. Graduate of Tokyo Zokei University Graduate School and Image Forum Film Research Laboratory. His degree film EDEN received several awards at national and international film festivals. His work is a continual search for his own visual expression.

​チケット販売終了・Ticket sales end

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