Place M Shorts
3/22 (Mon.) 19:00-   6 films 79 min
Artist Talk
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Place M Film Festival 2019 大賞受賞作品

Grand Prize work from Place M Film Festival 2019

Artist Talk
The Mantis Night

中川究矢  Kyuya Nakagawa / 22 min / 2018


A Tokyo-edition anti-war diptych. Nishi, a man who hides an unexploded ordnance from the war is forced to move out of his house by government officials to make way for a road extension. He lost his grandfather from the war and conflates anger towards things that both lead to war and the government. Do not miss the shocking ending!

Artist Talk
Distant home movies -Digitally possessed version-

前作『さよならは私が覗く』(2018)が、Place M Film Festival 2019 特別賞を受賞。

宮川真一  Shinichi Miyakawa / 15 min / 2021

Received Special Mention for his prior work Goodbye Gaze (2018)

at the 2019 Place M Film Festival.


Children look up at a carp banner blowing in the wind. This footage was shot by an anonymous person and yet it has become my own memory. Grown up, holding an 8mm camera, I look up at a carp banner just like that day.

Entanglement of
Entanglement of Consciousness

島田千絵美  Chiemi Shimada / 4 min / 2017-19

眠る女、LINEの会話、シュレーディンガーの猫 - 『Entanglement of Consciousness』は、迫り来る危機への恐怖心がどのくらい持続するのか、遊び心を交えて問いかける。2017年の北朝鮮によるミサイル発射実験をめぐる危機から着想を得た。

Entanglement of Consciousness playfully questions how long fear towards an impending danger can persist contrasting a sleeping woman, messages on LINE app, and Schrödinger's cat. The idea was conceived from the crisis surrounding the North Korean missile threats to Japan during 2017.


佐藤優香  Yuka Sato / 7 min / 2018


Enlarging a photo to its maximum size reveals another world created by the grain. It's like numerous people moving around in a crowd. This is a story of a woman who lives in such a city.

GMX 041231 - 200507

小松透  Toru Komatsu / 9 min / 2020 / silent


Almost every day after waking up I have used my phone’s camera to shoot a water tower from the balcony of the apartment complex where I have lived for a long time. From December 31st, 2004, the apartment complex started to be demolished. This is the documentation of the place between then and May 7th, 2020, the day I moved out.

123rd month, 2011

菱田雄介  Yusuke Hishida / 22 min/ 2021


Tōhoku in March 2011. I tried to capture the feelings inside the rubble while filming. Do I have the right to continue shooting there next to people who have lost everything? The memory has started to fade, and daily life is coming back. 2011 never ends. 2011 continued on past 12 months to 14 months, 15 months and now, it’s been 10 years since the disaster. It’s almost as if it is the 123rd month of 2011.

Artist Talk
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菱田雄介 写真展

Yusuke Hishida Photo Exhibition

Photo Exhibiton

3/22〜28   at Gallery Place M



123rd month, 2011


The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami substantially shocked our concept of value. We learned that daily life can be easily swept away and so realized the importance of those mundane moments we have. Even though the 2011 event shocked us so much, it has been fading and the daily life that contains memories are coming back. This is a documentation of the past 10 years in both the disaster-stricken area and Tokyo.


写真家、映像ディレクター。1972年東京生まれ。NY同時多発テロ以降、歩みを早めた歴史と、その流れの中に存在する人々の営みをテーマに写真家として活動。写真集『border | korea』(2017)で第30回写真の会賞受賞。2020年東京都写真美術館「日本の新進作家vol.17」選出。

Yusuke Hishida

Photographer and Video Director. Born in 1972, Tokyo. Works as a photographer with the themes of the history of accelerated progress after the September 11 attacks and the lives of people affected after this event. His photobook border | korea (2017) received the 30th Photo Association Award. Selected for “Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.17” at Tokyo Photographic Art Museum in 2020.

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