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3/21 (Sun.) 17:00-   62 min
Artist Talk 
ヘイミッシュ・キャンベル & 高杉記子
Hamish Campbell & Noriko Takasugi 『Fukushima Samurai』Project
Photo Exhibiton

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Horses by the Sea

62 min / 2021

監督:ヘイミッシュ・キャンベル/原作:高杉記子『Fukushima Samurai』/プロデューサー:高杉記子/撮影: ジョン・ドニカ、ヘイミッシュ・キャンベル/ドローン撮影:ヘイミッシュ・キャンベル/翻訳:岡本美奈子、鈴木彩文/字幕:岡本美奈子/音楽:Hakobune


Director: Hamish Campbell / Original story: Noriko Takasugi Fukushima Samurai / Producer: Noriko Takasugi / Cinematographers: John Donica, Hamish Campbell / Aerial Cinematographer: Hamish Campbell / Translators: Minako Okamoto, Ayami Suzuki / Subtitles: Minako Okamoto / Music: Hakobune

After the great Tohoku earthquake and Tsunami, photographer Noriko Takasugi spent ten years getting to know the people in the coast area of Fukushima, where a centuries old samurai festival governs daily life.



Hamish Campbell

Hamish Campbell is a fine art photographer and cinematographer from Australia who has been based in Japan for over ten years. His work frequently focuses on varied subject matter tied together with the theme of isolation.

高杉記子 写真展

Noriko Takasugi Photo Exhibition

Photo Exhibiton

3/8〜21   at Gallery Place M





Play, gather, transcend time and space to become a ​​star. connect, disconnect, create, break, twist, entwine. The story of the memory of the land where people have been praying for peace.


アイデンティティ、土地などをテーマに写真作品を制作。東日本大震災後、福島に通い続ける。Photoquaiビエンナーレ 2015招待作家(国立ケ・ブランリー美術館/パリ)。Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015展示作家(ナショナル・ポートレートギャラリー/ロンドン)。

Noriko Takasugi

Takasugi’s photographic work looks at identities and land with a particular emphasis on portraits. She has been working on her project with many people in Fukushima since 2011. Photoquai Biennale 2015 Invited Artist (Musée du quai Branly / Paris), Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2015 exhibitor (National Portrait Gallery / London) etc.

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