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Please read the information below before purchasing your ticket!

The films featured in the Place M Film Festival will be streamed on Vimeo.

A Vimeo account is necessary and admission payment can be made with a credit card or Paypal. Creating a Vimeo account is free.

Pricing: 500 JPY per program

About the extended screening period

Schedule of ticket sales is as follows:

A&G programs - 48 hours from the release time
other programs - 1 week from the release time

※ Please make sure to purchase your ticket within the stated period

Also, you can only view programs for the period stated below:

A&G programs - 48 hours from purchase
other programs - 1 week from purchase

Ticket sales & Viewing period

​【Program A,G】

Ticket sales & Viewing period

​【Other Programs】


※There may be slight differences in the release time indicated.

※ All times are in Japanese Standard Time (JST). 

・You can watch films by playing the whole program or individual films.

In the first scheduled screening, the films will only be screened as part of the whole program.

For those who missed the scheduled screenings, the films will be available to watch individually for a certain period depending on each program.

The talks’ videos can be played individually. 

・Some of the contents may change during the streaming period.

We'd appreciate it if you can take this into consideration.

・Our online festival requires streaming service.

Please check your internet connection for a better viewing experience.

・We cannot answer any questions about refund unless the films had some technical issues and such. Internet connection issues that may cause playback failures are not eligible for refunds.
Please be sure to choose the right ticket. There is no refund for incorrect ticket purchase.

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