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写真ギャラリーPlace Mは、1987年オープン以来、写真表現・実験の発表の場として東京、新宿で30余年活動してきました。




2021年、第2回Place M Film Festival は、昨今の状況を鑑み、オンラインでの映画祭となります。



Place M Film Festival 

総合ディレクター、プログラマー 佐藤優香

Since its establishment in 1987, Place M, a photography gallery located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, has served as a venue for the experience of photographic expression and experimentation.


With the establishment of the film department and the first Place M Film Festival in 2019, we continue to support the exploration of possibilities in both photography and film, encouraging the creation of boundary-pushing expression.

This year, due to the current pandemic, the second Place M Film Festival will be held online.

In addition, we are excited to collaborate with the film distribution company Vidéographe, based in Montreal, Canada.

Through this unique online environment we hope you enjoy our films created from diverse cultures and backgrounds as well as enlightening videos of the participating filmmakers as they discuss their work.


Place M Film Festival

Director, Programmer Yuka Sato

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